Divi Commerce V2.5 Getting started

Getting Started

In order to install this plugin, you will need to first purchase a membership from Elegant Themes and download the Divi Theme Package

This version of Divi Commerce is compatible with Divi V3+, there are certain limitation to this version of Divi, you will be able to customise certain parts of your WooCommerce website with this plugin, Divi Commerce V3 is on it way and will be massive improvement to the Divi Commerce plugin.

Installing Divi Commerce

Once you’ve obtained a copy of Divi Theme, installed it on your site along with WooCommerce you are ready to install the Divi Commerce plugin.

From your WordPress admin, look for the plugin menu option in WordPress admin menu, once you spot it click on it, it will open the WordPress plugin page.

Once you’ve opened the plugin page look up in the left-hand corner you will see a button which says add new, click on it.

Once the next page has opened you will be shown plugins that WordPress recommends for you but we are not looking for any of those, instead, we want to to look in the top left corner again this time for a button which says Upload Plugin

Once you’ve clicked on it, you will see a new section showing which has a file upload button, click the button which says choose file, a file explorer window will open up, navigate to where you saved your Divi Commerce plugin download, once you’ve located it, select it, once you’ve selected it you can click on the button which says Install Plugin.

Once the plugin has installed, it will that you’ve installed the plugin and will ask you if you want to activate the plugin, click on the button which says Activate Plugin.

You have successfully installed Divi Commerce on your website.

Creating a product page

Once you’ve installed the plugin you can start creating your product pages, from your WordPress admin area, if you look in the admin menu, you will notice a menu item called products, click on it and you can either edit an already existing product or add a new one.

Once you’ve opened up or added a new product. you can choose a product page layout type, there are 3 layout types available in this version of Divi Commerce.

  • Default layout
  • Fullwidth tabs layout
  • Full page layout

The first two layouts will output your content within the description tab, the final options allows you create a blank product page which you can build out with modules.

Once you’ve selected your layout you can start creating your page by click on the “Use Divi Builder button”, once you’ve turned the builder on, you can start creating your product page with Divi standard modules and the Divi Commerce modules.


We are busy writing the content for this section, be sure to check back soon.

Customizer Options

We are busy writing the content for this section, be sure to check back soon.

Known Issues

Modules don’t work on frontend

Modules are currently not visual builder compatible as a fetching PHP dynamic modules are slightly more complicated than retrieving plain HTML, we are working to improve modules.

Failed to copy single-product.php

So if you just installed Divi Commerce on your website and at the top of the page you are getting the following line of text at the top of your page “failed to copy /usr/www/users/playgchvxt/wp-content/plugins/divicommerce//single-product.php to /usr/www/users/playgchvxt/wp-content/themes/Divi/single-product.php”, this caused your web server permission.

What the plugin is trying to do is to add our custom single product file to your active theme, the custom single product adds our custom areas as well as the built-in layout options, which is why this file is important.

There are 2 solutions for this issue:

Both solutions require you to use an FTP program such as FileZilla, once you’ve got FileZilla you will need your FTP details that your hosting company should’ve provided you with if you don’t have them ask your hosting provider for them.

  1. Host: enter your website name
  2. Port: leave blank
  3. Protocol: leave as FTP
  4. Encryption: Only use plain FTP
  5. Login Type: Normal
  6. User: enter your FTP username provided by the host
  7. Password: enter your FTP password provided by the host
  8. then click connect

Now you should be logged into your website server through FTP, once you’ve logged in you should see a list of folder and files, you will need to double-click on the folder that says wp-content.

Changing Permission:

Once you’ve entered the wp-content folder/directory you will see a folder called themes, right click on it and select option that says file permissions, it will open a dialog box with a bunch of options, all you need to do is look for the box which says Numeric Value and enter the value 755 and then tick recurse into subdirectories, then select apply to directory only.

Manually adding the file:

You could add our single product file manually if you are not comfortable with changing permissions to that you will need to download our single product file ( single-product.php | Download Link ) once downloaded open the theme directory in your FTP program and then look for your active theme folder (Divi or the Child Theme you are using), once you’ve opened that folder drag and drop the file you just downloaded into the file list, once it has been uploaded.

At this point, that error message will still be showing on your site, so to get rid of the error message we will disable the function that copies our single product file to your theme.

To do this we need to open the Divi Commerce customizer, to do this open the Divi Theme customizer, then look for Divi Commerce and click on it, now scroll down and look for settings and click on it, once you’ve opened settings look for an option which says “Do not use custom product template” turn this on and the error message will disappear.

Why use The Divi Framework.

Divi is a leading WordPress theme which powers almost 2 million websites around the world, Divi makes building a website super simple as it has one of the most powerful drag and drop builders for WordPress.

We've been using Divi since December 2013 to help speed up client projects, it has made our workflow 1000% times better and has saved us countless hour everyday.

Divi Stride is a Divi Third Party developer, we spend countless hours building tools and resources for the Divi Community.

We are the creators of Section Style Manager (the 5th Divi Plugin to be released), Divi Commerce & Tighten.

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